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How Businesses are Fighting COVID-19 and Helping the People ”

The pandemic situation has clearly brought a lot of stress to people, but it’s also given an opportunity for people to rise. There are those who are going out of their way to help their fellow men. Then, there are the companies who have let their people work from home.

These companies have no choice but to do this during the pandemic. They had to adapt, or else, they were going to suffer the same fate as their competitors and sister companies alike. Some companies, like those in the construction industry — think about those who do treatments for commercial office windows and such, have gone out of their way to provide safe services to their clients and employees alike.

Charity is one thing that should not be missing during the pandemic and a lot of companies are displaying it in full force. Take a look at which of these services provide a premium to help all people, employees, and clients alike, rise up.

Some Companies Offer Wellness Programs

Workouts are something that people have a lot of time for during the pandemic. That’s because, with nothing to do at home, people are finding the time to move. Exercise also has a huge benefit that’s in need during the pandemic.

Exercise helps your immune system become stronger. During the pandemic, people with weaker immune systems have fallen victim to coronavirus. With a stronger immune system, you’ve got a greater chance of fighting off the coronavirus or even avoiding getting it altogether.

Some companies offer free access to fitness videos as well as memberships. They distribute this to their employees, which is already a good thing to do.

An Extended Vacation Through the Year

While some companies are also looking to help their employees be active, there are also others who are helping in other ways. While everyone is in a sort of ‘vacation’ as people are sheltering in place, these companies are also carrying over vacation set-ups until the end of the year and even beyond. Some have teams of health and wellness experts that are offering virtual events and other resources to help.

Aside from online fitness classes, the other offered classes are meditation and breathwork sessions, which are more aimed toward mental health.

Internet Access in Areas That Need It

Even while web connections and speeds get better, the fact remains that not everyone can afford it for one reason or another. Some people simply don’t have enough budgets to pay for communications. Others cannot get a connection to their place because of how remote it is.

Some internet companies have started to band together to work to bring connections to these places, as well as provide Internet to even people with low income. This includes free wireless services for doctors and others that are working within these areas, which are in dire need during this pandemic.

Laptops for Those Who Can’t Buy it

Aside from the problem of Internet connection, people also have trouble accessing the Web because they don’t have computers. If you don’t have the budget for the internet, then it’s obvious you won’t have the budget for a laptop. This is a shortage that’s currently being worked around by some companies.

The solution is to simply distribute laptops to those who really need them. It’s sad to know that in this day and age of information, a lot of people still don’t have basic access to it. That’s something that these companies are looking to solve by making connections available to everyone through paying for the connection or paying for the laptops.

Caring for Mental Health

Some companies are more active in helping their employee through this pandemic through caring for their mental health. Aside from physical health benefits, employees received mental health benefits as well. These could range from free mental health sessions per annum to other procedures related to fixing mental health issues.

Mental health consultations are always needed but during the pandemic, it’s a special case. Many people might feel uneasy about uncertain situations. Not everyone can handle it; some may resort to drastic measures just to deal with it, which is why these benefits are badly needed during this time.

No one knows up until what time the pandemic will last, which is why it’s a good thing that many companies are proactive about helping people deal with the stress dealt by the lockdowns. If you’re working in such a company that helps you deal with the pandemic in this way, then you’re among the lucky ones.

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How Businesses are Fighting COVID-19 and Helping the People

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