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How Holistic Treatments Can Soothe the Symptoms of Epilepsy

How Holistic Treatments Can Soothe the Symptoms of Epilepsy

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How Holistic Treatments Can Soothe the Symptoms of Epilepsy ”

Epilepsy can be a life-limiting condition if it cannot be controlled. However, many people that have epilepsy are starting to discuss the benefits of holistic treatments on their condition, with treatments being said to soothe the symptoms that they experience and reduce the frequency of seizures that people with epilepsy have. This article will discuss whether holistic treatments can be beneficial for people with epilepsy and why. 

Can You Cure Epilepsy? 

Before discussing the treatments that could be effective for epilepsy sufferers, it is important to know that epilepsy cannot be cured. However, people with epilepsy can live a normal life with the correct treatment, as this could help to minimize and even eradicate seizures in the body. Finding the right treatment for epilepsy is not always easy, however. 

Are Treatments for Epilepsy Effective? 

Epilepsy is most commonly treated with AEDs, which can help to control seizures by managing the chemicals in your body that trigger seizures. However, this treatment is only effective in 70% of people, which, while high, means that some people may still be struggling to control their symptoms long into adulthood. Not only this, but this may only reduce the number of seizures that you experience and may not prevent you from having them completely. This is particularly the case if you are pregnant or planning to start a family, as some AEDs can interfere with your unborn baby. This means that there is a need for over 30% of people to find an alternative type of treatment for their condition, which could potentially help them to live a normal life again. 

What Holistic Treatments May Work? 

There has been a lot of research into the possibilities of holistic treatments and their effect on people who are struggling with epileptic seizures. 


One of the main types of holistic treatment that has been used to treat epilepsy is osteopathy. Osteopathy combines a range of different holistic treatments for the greatest impact on the body, including lifestyle changes and massage, among others. There is now evidence that cranial osteopathy, which is used on the head, could help relieve tension in the body. This can help manage the movements of the brain and any differences in movement which trigger epilepsy and its symptoms. If you want to receive the benefits of osteopathy, you should consider getting care at Geelong City Osteopathy. Their medical team is trained to care for both adults and children. 

At-home Treatments 

In terms of natural treatments that you could try at home, there are many herbs that have been said could help to ease the symptoms of epilepsy. These include mistletoe, mugwort, valerian, and lily of the valley. 

You might also decide to combine these with vitamins, with some cases of epilepsy being caused by certain vitamins being unable to use certain vitamins properly. For instance, vitamin B12 is often given to those who experience pyridoxine-dependent seizures and develop the condition soon after birth. 

In addition to this, rather than being worried about the effect of exercise on your condition, exercise and sports can even help you to manage your symptoms, which may be in response to improved concentration while you are exercising.

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How Holistic Treatments Can Soothe the Symptoms of Epilepsy

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