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How I ordered eyeglasses without leaving the house New 2020

Warby Parker glasses

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Getting new eyeglasses is one of my greatest  triumphs of the summer. Whitney Moss in glasses

 It might sound minor, but I’ve been wearing the ones you see on the left as long as it took to grow those bangs all the way down to my shoulders, and then go back to having them again.

45 minutes after an eye doctor visit, I had a new prescription in my hand. Now what?

Shopping for glasses is hard. I like to have my husband or my mom with me for opinions. I like not to have children with me so that I can focus. So when can that happen?

Also, it’s so hard to see myself in the mirror at the eyeglass store, because I’ve taken off my glasses to try on the samples. So, now I’m just blurry.

I decided to try Warby Parker, the online glasses store that will send you five pairs of frames to try on – for free. All the frames were reasonably priced at $95 (for non-progressives) and generally inline with my style. And it was fun!

Warby Parker glasses

I carefully studied the notations inside my current frames to understand what size of glasses fit my face (I have a very small face and a wide bridge of my nose). I checked the sizes on the glasses I liked on the website. I found it was much easier to commit to five pairs than to make that final decision on something to wear on my face every single day for the next two years.

I ordered five pairs that fit the bill.

Warby Parker glasses

My “Home Try On” box arrived in a few days.

Warby Parker glasses home try on kit

As encouraged by Warby Parker, I created a mini fashion show and posted a photo on Instagram of myself wearing each pair of frames.

Warby Parker glasses

Between my friends’ opinions and my husband’s vote, I picked “Verne” in the color “Beach Glass” which is in position #3 above.

Later, when I checked my Instagram account, I was a little bit thrilled that the Warby Parker account had commented suggesting Verne.

Warby Parker Eyeglasses - Verne in Beach Glass

I returned all five frames – no effort at all – just leave the box outside for the USPS – and went online to place my order with the correct prescription.

In other words, these are two separate transactions, so if NONE of the frames you tried at home suit you, you can shop elsewhere or try it all again.

Transmitting a prescription involves taking a photo of the slip you have from the doctor and uploading it. Then, you use your webcam and an app built into the Warby Parker site to measure your pupil distance so that the lenses are crafted right for your eye spacing.

A few days later my glasses arrived and fit me perfectly. Now I want to order sunnies from them!

Note: All opinions are my own and I bought my own glasses. If you click on one of the above affiliate links, I may earn money towards those sunglasses.


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