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How To Celebrate The Unique Life of Your Loved One

How To Celebrate The Unique Life of Your Loved One

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How To Celebrate The Unique Life of Your Loved One ”

Losing a loved one is never easy. With so many arrangements to be made, people are often understandably overwhelmed while planning a funeral or memorial service. It’s important to remember that end-of-life plans are intended to be a celebration of the person who is no longer with us. Planning a funeral or memorial service is the best way to say goodbye to someone who made a lasting impression on your life. Let’s look at ways to celebrate the unique life of your loved one.

Choosing a Special Place

Where you choose to bury or inter your loved one says a lot about them. Perhaps your loved one was a nature lover; if that’s the case, you should consider a green or eco-friendly cemetery. If they were a fan of places of cultural significance, finding a cemetery with a storied history would be a beautiful gesture. If the person who has passed wanted to be placed in a special location but not traditionally buried, you could consider a mausoleum. It’s important to keep in mind any military associations or religious preferences, as well. 

Scattering Ashes

Traditional burial isn’t the only option when it comes to a funeral service. Many cemeteries will also provide options for cremation services. Cremation is an option that has become more popular in the past decade, as more people are wanting to save money while having a smaller environmental impact. If your loved one was a fan of adventure or nature, choosing cremation allows you to have more options of where your loved one could be returned to the earth. Celebrations of life with cremation include scattering gardens, interment in a memorial niche, or even being scattered at sea!

Planting a Tree

For those who were passionate about climate science and love of nature, a fitting celebration of life would be an eco-friendly burial. Green cemeteries have grown in popularity, especially amongst the most carbon footprint conscious. Green cemeteries have simple stone markers rather than headstones, instead letting the resting place be part of the natural scenery. Some cemeteries offer green or eco-friendly cremation services and will allow you to plant a tree after the cremation of your loved one, letting their ashes return to earth to allow for new life to grow. This is a gorgeous gesture of love for someone who cared so much for their planet.

Donating to Charity

If you can spare the expense, making a donation to a cause that your loved one believed in is a healing experience. It allows your loved one to continue to impact the lives of others, even after they have gone. Most charities will allow you to make a donation in honor of someone else, letting the name of your loved one live on. Just remember to thoroughly look into the charities that you’re considering, as you will want your loved one’s money to be used for real social change and impact. 

Planning Ahead

Sometimes the best gift you can give a loved one is the gift of choice. While pre-planning funeral services sounds morbid or unsettling, it also gives you the time needed to grow comfortable with your mortality. Planning with a loved one will also ensure that their final wishes will be met. It can also reduce the financial burden on yourself and your family, as many funeral homes will let you pay in installments as you pre-plan.

Funeral and memorial service arrangements will always be difficult to make. We hope that these five suggestions will assist you in celebrating your loved one in a way that is as unique as they were.

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How To Celebrate The Unique Life of Your Loved One

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