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How to Create a Cozy Baby Room ”

Decorating the nursery can be exciting, especially for first-time parents. But, while others are sure to offer you advice (whether you ask for it or not!), ultimately, how you plan to decorate your home’s baby room is your decision.

With this in mind, beyond baby room themes and color palettes, it’s important to prioritize comfort and safety, both for you and your baby. Because, although your baby will be the one sleeping in there, you’ll likely end up spending a lot of time in there yourself!

From soft textures to smart lighting options, read on to find out our tips for creating a cozy baby room.

Choose an Adaptable Crib

While bassinets and mini cribs can look adorable, you’ll find that cute and cozy soons become cramped when your baby starts to grow.

The smarter choice is a crib that’s big enough for your baby to use for several years. If it comes with removable sides to turn it into a toddler bed, even better. And, since this kind of crib comes with a standard size mattress, it’s also easier to find crib sheets to complete your baby room decor.

Add an Armchair

Baby room ideas often include an armchair tucked in the corner, and with good reason. If you have the space, this can serve as a cozy nursing chair for night feeds while your baby is small, making life a lot easier for sleepy moms. Then later, you can use it for reading your baby stories or giving them a bottle before bed.

A bold-colored armchair can also add interest to your baby room decor, especially if you prefer more neutral and minimal baby room themes.

Select a Soft Floor Covering

Adding a few baby room rugs to the floor ticks all the boxes by making your nursery cozier, safer, and more comfortable. After all, the nursery floor will soon become your child’s play area so it’s important they have a soft surface to roll, crawl, and fall over on.

Make sure to go for light rugs like faux sheepskins and soft cotton-weave mats. This way, you can put them in the washing machine if they get vomit or spills on them.

Don’t Neglect Lighting and Heating

Baby room temperature and lighting make a huge difference to how well your baby sleeps as well as their general safety. Hot nurseries can increase the risk of SIDS, so hold back on the blankets in winter and consider installing a ceiling fan for summer.

And, while dark rooms help babies sleep better, installing a touch LED night light can help make nighttime feeds and diaper changes a lot easier and safer for you.

Try These Tips to Create a Cozy Baby Room

While soft toys, piles of blankets, and cute baby room themes might look good in photos, they aren’t always the best choices in reality.

Instead, prioritizing comfort and safety is the best way to ensure your baby room is as cozy – but also as practical – as possible.

For more great advice on everything from parenting to technology, be sure to check out our other blog posts!

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How to Create a Cozy Baby Room

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