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How to fit more kids in one room New 2020

How to fit more kids in one room

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Dear Rookie Moms readers,

Hey, you guys! We need some help with this letter. Actually it was a comment on our post 2 in a room (or not). Please read and share your best advice for squeezing three little kids in one room (or not!) in the comments. We thank you and Amanda thanks you!

solution to many kids in one room when mama is architect, Melissa Schollum

We live in a 2 bedroom house and my 2 kids, 3 year old daughter and 15 month old son have always shared a room. He was 2 months old and sleeping through the night so we decided to try and have him sleep in the same room as his sister. I couldn’t believe how well my daughter adjusted! She is a very sound sleeper and still sleeps through his crying. The odd night he still wakes up.

Our problem now is we are expecting the unplanned 3rd child. LOL. We are not sure if we should set up a crib in our room or try to make room in the kids’ room. My 2 kids get along great and play a lot in their room. If I were to put a crib in there, they would lose a lot of space.

We are firm believers on the kids sleeping in their own room once they sleep through the night, but due to lack of space we are not sure what to do. We have thought about a bunk bed but I am worried that my daughter is to young for the top bunk. She will be 4 months shy of 4 years old when the baby arrives. She also has a nice twin bed with drawers under it so I didn’t have to take up room with a large dresser.

Not too sure what to do and would love some input!

~ Amanda

Christine from the Aums Blog shared these pictures of squeezing her four little ones (age 1 to 6) in a single room with room to play in the loft. She says they used “custom made Japanese futons for our 4 kids. We’ve tried beds and mattresses before… but this is what works for now. They picked their own colors, blankets, pillows…They are 6, 5, 3, and 1”!

Christine’s real-life solution, the futons

The children’s lofted playspace

The always fabulous dwell makes it look oh-so-easy and chic to squeeze four in a room this minimalist solution (shown up top). Wish I had the wall space to entertain that idea!

Do you fit three or more little kids in one room? If so, how?

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