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How to Have a Fun & Safe Staycation This Holiday Season ”

Every family has different holiday traditions, but if yours normally involve travel and adventure far away from home, this upcoming season is bound to be a departure from the usual for you. For safety reasons, you might be looking at simply having a staycation and enjoying the comforts of home with your close family. Keeping close to home ground doesn’t have to mean a boring time, though. You can easily stay safe while having fun this holiday season by trying out some of these enjoyable, family-friendly staycation tips!

Try Sailing or Using Other Ocean-Centered Options as a Safe Alternative

Not everyone lives by the ocean or has family that does, but if you fall into this lucky category, now is the perfect time to try sailing or private dining San Diego CA as a safe alternative to going into crowded restaurants. You can get private boat charters for San Diego whale watching tours, for instance, for an experience that’s not only safely socially distanced but also sure to be truly memorable for years to come. As a bonus, the soothing presence of the sand and water is sure to provide a much-needed change of pace and relief to the hectic pace of everyday life for everyone in your family group.

Focus on Recreating Holiday Cheer in Every Room

Going out to see the holiday decorations up in neighboring towns might not sound like the safest option right now, but you can still enjoy all the bright lights and cheer by bringing it into your home. Get the family together and spend a day decorating each room of the house in a unique way. You can even reflect each person’s personality through customized décor! Some classics to consider including are:

  • Stockings by the fireplace
  • Pinecones and seasonal potpourri
  • Decorated wreaths

Let Food Take You Around the World

If you can’t travel, there’s no reason you can’t bring world cuisine right to your kitchen. Rather than getting on a plane to experience new foods, consider looking up recipes and trying your hand at whipping them up yourself. This is a particularly great activity for families to try out together, since you can get the kids to pitch in and they’ll be more likely to try a bite at the end! A fun seasonal twist on this activity is to look up Christmas foods and other holiday foods from around the world, and to cook a couple of them every day for the duration of the staycation. By the end, your taste buds will have gone on a whirlwind tour of the whole world!

The holiday season may usually be a time for traveling, seeing friends and family in other parts of the world and going on exciting new adventures, but this upcoming season might be a bit different from the norm. However, just because you’re at home for the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t still have a wonderful time together with loved ones. By following these tips as a baseline and incorporating other personalized ideas, you can have the staycation of a lifetime while still relishing the genuine joy that comes with the season.

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How to Have a Fun & Safe Staycation This Holiday Season

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