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How to Help Baby Crawl New 2020

How to Help Baby Crawl

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How to Help Baby Crawl

You’ve been waiting and waiting for your little one to start creeping across the floor, yet he seems perfectly happy to stay put. What’s the deal? In about 5 to 7 percent of kids, crawling never happens. Instead, they go straight from sitting, to pulling up, to standing, and then walking. “Parents need to know that this is perfectly normal. It doesn’t mean that your child isn’t developmentally on target,” says Jody Jensen, Ph.D., associate professor in kinesiology and health education at the University of Texas at Austin.

Most likely, your baby’s temperament is playing a role, since placid babies are often content to stay in one place. Or your little one could be so focused on trying to communicate and say his first words that he’s less inclined to test herself physically. However, talk to your doctor if your 1-year-old isn’t mobile at all and was also delayed with other physical milestones such as lifting his head and sitting upright. He’ll want to rule out problems like low muscle tone, and he may have he vision tested–since babies who can’t see objects at a distance don’t have the motivation to go after them.

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How to Help Baby Crawl

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