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How To Identify A Safe Regulated Casino Online

How To Identify A Safe Regulated Casino Online

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How To Identify A Safe Regulated Casino Online ”

It can be particularly hard to try and find an online casino that is safe and regulated if you are new to the industry. 

Indeed, it could well be the case, that you do not even know what it means for an online casino to be safe and regulated and as a result, what you should expect from one.

There are actually a number of ways in which you can find an online casino that is regulated and safe. 

In the UK, there are hundreds of online casinos to choose from that are regulated and safe, which you can find at leading comparison site which has a number of different ones to choose from.

Let’s take a look at how you can make sure that the online casino that you choose is safe and regulated.

Check for licensing

When you visit a casino site, it is worth spending a couple of minutes checking the home page for anywhere that might refer to it being licensed by a regulatory authority. One of the biggest clues can be found in the footer, where it might have the logo of the specific industry regulator. These are usually just presented as the initials, such as ‘UKGC’ (UK Gambling Commission), or ‘MGA’ (Malta Gaming Authority). 

A casino site being licensed means that it has to adhere to a certain set of legislation that is placed for the safety of the player and as a result, a licensed casino site is monitored on a regular basis.

If you come across the name of a casino brand in a recognized and respected publication or even wider traditional media outlets, it is a significant sign that the casino site is more than likely to be safe and regulated. It is often the case that respected publications do not talk favorably about entities that are under scrutiny, so if you come across a brand that is mentioned by a media outlet (even if it is to advertise a promotion), then this is a good sign that it is safe.

Check with Licensing bodies

If you have doubts about a casino site being regulated, you can contact each licensing body as to whether the online casino you are enquiring about does actually have the regulation. Each industry regulator can easily be reached via email and they will be able to come back to you quickly with an answer that gives you peace of mind. What you will find is that UK online casinos are often mostly regulated by the UKGC and if you raise a possible issue with this regulator they will look into the matter seriously.

Ask on Forums

If you are still unsure, another way is to chat to different people via online forums who might have more experience of the online casino and can tell you whether they have had any problems with regards to their safety while using it and also how long they have been registered to it. Popularity is often a good sign that an online casino is safe and regulated because it demonstrates that it is doing things properly and adhering to the rules. 

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How To Identify A Safe Regulated Casino Online

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