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How To Know If A Baby Is Passing Urine Normally

How To Know If A Baby Is Passing Urine Normally

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Passing urine frequently in babies is normal.  In fact during monsoons, the child passes urine more and if the weather is hot, the urine output may drop and it is normal. However, if the baby is crying a lot while the urine is passed and after that, and you see other symptoms, it is important to see a doctor. 

Urination should not be painful for the baby. If you observe distressing signs while urinating, it could be an infection or some problem in the urinary tract and so you must contact the doctor.

Urine is yellow in colour in a healthy child. It can be light to dark yellow. A dark yellow colour means the urine is more concentrated and that the child is not taking a lot of liquids. If there is bleeding in urine meaning a presence of blood in the urine or a bloody spot on the diaper, it is not normal and must be shown to a doctor. 

If you persistently notice dry diapers, this could mean your baby is dehydrated. 

In infants, by the time they are six days old, they should have at least six wet diapers a day. That much baby urine is considered normal.

Learn from Pediatrician Dr. Pranjal Kale as she tells how To Know If A Baby Is Passing Urine Normally. 

Watch the entire video with Dr. Kale to know all about Infections and Diseases during Monsoons in Children, What to Avoid in a Child’s Diet in Monsoon Season and baby care tips during the rainy season. 

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