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How To Maintain Your Roof To Last Longer ”

Despite the age of your roof, you need to keep it in the best shape for it to last longer. A roof is a costly proposition that goes even beyond $36,000. With this kind of significant investment, you must protect it. Here is roofer Lawrenceville to help you out. You will get tips on how to maintain your roof to enable it to last for long.

Let’s now move right into the tips.

Clean The Roof Gutters

Clogged gutters cause typical problems like a wet basement or ruined paint. Leaves can pile in gutters making water wink into the roof sheathing, making it rot. The roof rafters can even rot as a result of this water.

It’s expensive to clean the end mess, the reason why it’s vital to clean gutters regularly. You don’t need a professional to do this so that you can do it by yourself.

Get Rid Of Leaves

Leaves will not affect a roof that is simple and peaked with low landscaping surrounding it. Leaves pile near chimneys or roof valleys of a complicated roof or a house surrounded by tall trees. If not removed, these leaves trap moisture and start to decompose. They will create a fertile ground for weed growth. A house with a low-slope roof or a one-story house will need a soft car wash brush on a pole to remove them. A leaf blower can also help to do this task.

Too deep or wet leaves need washing using a garden hose. Pressure water isn’t good as it makes water get up to shingles.

Removal Of Moss

Some regions are prone to having moss growing on composition shingles or wood of roofs. You need to remove moss with immediate effect as it traps water. In its initial stages, you sweep it off to prevent its spread.

If in plenty, first kill the moss and then opt for cleaning measures to remove it. You can use products with potassium salts of fatty acids as zinc sulfate isn’t safe because it’s toxic. Put the soap in areas where moss is growing only and check this water not to enter the storm drains.

After cleaning the roof, invest in zinc strips to prevent it from coming again. Zinc strips are environmentally friendly and avoid moss’ growth during rains.

Cut Overhanging Branches

When you trim branches of trees near your house, you prevent moss and the building of leaves on rooftops. Shingles can also be affected by leaves and limbs abrasion when they touch the roof.

Hanging branches give an easy time for rodents and squirrels to access rooftops. It makes it necessary for branches to be at least ten feet away from the roof to keep these animals. Also, wrap the tree trunk to disable them from climbing up the tree.

Trim branches with care not to harm your house

Limit Ice Dams

You need to remove all ice build ups on your rooftop to prevent roof leakage. Don’t try to pry off a piece of formed ice to avoid damaging the roof. A rake roof will aid to dislodge ice within three to four feet from the gutter. Correct the air leaks and inadequate insulation into the attic after storms. They cause ice dams.

Check For Rust

When the metallic roof parts get exposed, check if they are affected by rust or corrosion. Remove rust using a brush wire and seal the metal to prevent future rust using paint and primer.


Maintain your roof in three simple steps.

  • Do an annual roof inspection.
  • Practice the above tips
  • Contact professional roofers when you spot a problem on the roof.

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How To Maintain Your Roof To Last Longer

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