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How To Make A Small Apartment Seem Bigger ”

There are a lot of benefits to living in a small apartment. They are usually less expensive than a house, easier to clean up, and put you closer to the center of town.

There are downsides, too, however. For example, having a dog in an apartment is not easy. 

And unfortunately, sometimes our modern lifestyles require more space than we actually have. Or, you can simply feel claustrophobic when you live in a small space. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to create more space in a small apartment and even do some hacks to make it seem bigger than it really is.

In this article, I will go over how you can take advantage of a few tips to make your small space seem bigger.

Use the right lights

Natural light does wonders for your living space. When it comes to making a room feel larger it is essential. It brightens up space but in a way that is soft and not harsh so it doesn’t feel sterile. 

If you have lots of windows then make sure to leave them open and avoid using a heavy curtain that blocks the light.

You can also use good light fixtures with LED that emits a soft and natural-looking light. This will make it feel like you have big windows in your space that will make it seem light and airy in your apartment. 

The nice thing is that they can be quite stylish now and come in a variety that suits any taste. The John Richard Collection is a good example of this. 

Use light colors

Going back to the idea of keeping things bright so it looks airy is the fact that light colors make space look bigger. The light colors reflect light around so it gives the illusion of there being more space than there really is. 

Use a lot of white all around. Even the floors should be white or at least a light color. Try to avoid a dark carpet or even really dark hardwood floors. 

If you don’t like pure white all around, then mix in some other colors. Light blue and green will make it seem like you have a large window open. Make sure to keep the accents lighter than the color of the walls, however. This gives the illusion of the walls being further back.

Add some mirrors

The easiest trick in the book to make a space look bigger is to add mirrors. When you have a few big ones on the walls, it will make it seem like it is a window into another room. Restaurants do this all the time.

They won’t trick you, however, as you know there is no extra room available. But it will still reflect the light and images so it creates an airy space. Don’t overdo it though as it will create confusion and lead to it looking cluttered instead. The best place to add a mirror is next to a window to allow more natural light around the room.

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How To Make A Small Apartment Seem Bigger

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