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How to make a Super Easy Homemade Ball Pit for Babies & Toddlers New 2020

How to make a Super Easy Homemade Ball Pit for Babies & Toddlers

My kids love ball pits. I don’t always love the idea of them jumping into the ones at public places because I sometimes get a little grossed out by the possible germs. For each of our kids they had their own ball pit. The one problem, the ball pit never lasted more than one child. One of our Rookie Moms came up with a Super Easy Homemade Ball Pit for Babies and Toddlers

How to make a ball pit from your Pack N Play

Turn your pack n play (or any play yard) into a ball pit for a toddler that still needs occasional containment but also wants entertainment. At-home ball pit? Yep! Mama’s gotta carry in the groceries without a little person running into the street, right?!

Create an easy ball pit at home

Here is how our Rookie Mom make her ball pit for her curious toddler:
Create an easy ball pit at home

  1. Remove any mobile and bassinet from your toddler play yard
  2. Add a few dozen fun balls (like these Intex fun balls, a pack of 100 for less than $20 with carrying case)
  3. Insert small child!

She tells us:

I’m a rookie mom to a one-year-old little guy who has always HATED with a vehement (and very vocal) passion being contained in any way – especially in his pack-n-play. But, I was determined to find ANY way to make use of something we spent a pretty big chunk of change on. Inspiration struck, as it so often does, in the sale aisle at Target, in the form of 100 plastic balls for $15.

That $15 magically transformed the pack-n-play of DOOM into the SUPERFUN Ball pit of happiness. Which means I can get dressed without worrying about a surprisingly quick toddler going down the stairs “too fast”.

Turn your pack n play into a ball pit at home

Photo: Rookie Moms reader, Kalena

I can totally relate. The day my son grew out of the Jumperoo was a sad sad day for me; I had no idea how to unload two kids from the car anymore. I would have loved to have this terrific reader suggestion from Kalena to create a DIY ball pit to keep him busy. Let us know if you try it!

Pro tip: If you have a playard or travel crib that rests on the floor — instead of skinny little support legs — like the BABYBJORN Travel Crib, you or your larger kids can play too!

[Photos by Kalena]

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