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How to Make Baby Smile New 2020

How to Make Baby Smile

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How to Make Baby Smile

We asked our oh-so-creative readers how they keep babies of all ages happy and occupied. Here, the best of the bunch.

1. “I have a black triangle on white paper taped to the black fridge. My 9-week-old, Norah, can look at it for hours!” Kimberly Kurtz Ryan Spencerport, New York

2. “To get my son to smile, I sing “Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses,” a nursery rhyme. I also sing bits from Singin’ in the Rain. He stops crying and smiles for that one too.” Jenny Hogan Crestwood, Illinois

3. “My 1-year-old Juliann’s favorite thing is to go for a stroller ride at the park or around the block. Living in Cleveland, the weather rarely permits, so when she’s tired or bored, I push her around the house in her umbrella stroller.” Jeana Luberger Cleveland, Ohio

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How to Make Baby Smile

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