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How to Manage Allergies During the Summer ”

Allergies can put a dampener on anyone’s summer fun. The presence of pollen causes itchy, watery eyes, a runny nose, excessive sneezing, and coughing in those with summer allergies. Don’t fret, though, as there are ways you can lessen your symptoms and enjoy the long days and warm weather. 

Keep Your House Clean 

Pollen doesn’t just affect you when you’re outside the house. You can bring it in on your clothes, and it could even come through the windows, so make sure you get rid of as much as possible by keeping your house sparkling clean. This includes vacuuming and dusting often, and you might even consider getting a wool carpet cleaning team to do a really thorough job. You should clean your filters, too, as you don’t want the fan to blow pollen around the home. 

Close the Windows 

As mentioned, pollen can come through the windows, so avoid this extra dose of allergy aggravator by keeping the windows shut through the summer. If you want some fresh air, rely on air conditioning and fans instead of open windows. The same goes for your doors! 

Take an Anti-Histamine 

You can buy anti-histamines over the counter, and they will provide you with the relief you need from your allergy symptoms. They work by blocking the histamine in your body, which is responsible for your allergies when exposed to pollen. Keep them on you even when your allergies seem settled, as you never know when symptoms may appear! 

Take Frequent Showers 

If you’re outside often, it’s crucial to wash regularly to get rid of any pollen. While you might be used to showering once a day, showering both in the morning and at night will help keep your allergies in check over the summer. 

Wash Clothes and Bedding More Often 

Pollen may linger on your clothes and your bed, so get used to washing them more than usual. Basically, when it comes to preventing allergy symptoms, cleanliness is the way forward. 

Keep an Eye on Local Pollen Levels 

Most weather reports let people know what the pollen count is, so take note of this each morning. If it says the pollen levels are high, you should avoid going outside where possible, especially areas that are grassy or full of plants. When it says low, you are unlikely to suffer from your summer allergies, so make the most of being outside on those days. 

Stay Away from Pets 

This one might be difficult for pet owners, but you should keep your distance from fluffy pets. As well as the fact that pet dander may also aggravate your allergies, many pets also spend time running around the grass, meaning they could be carrying pollen when you see them. If you then stroke them and then rub your eye, you could end up suffering greatly. 

Allergies in the summer can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you just want to enjoy the warm sun. By finding ways to manage it, you will ensure your summer stays itch-free.

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How to Manage Allergies During the Summer

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