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How to Plan the Perfect Family Picnic

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How to Plan the Perfect Family Picnic ”

Picnics are so underrated. Is there a better way to spend a summer’s afternoon than eating delicious food in a sunny, outdoor area with your family? Nope!

And they can be very inexpensive, too. But if you do have a go-big-or-go-home mindset, there are plenty of ways to plan the perfect family picnic. 

If you don’t know where to begin, this guide will give you some family picnic ideas and explain everything you need to consider.

Choose the Perfect Location

As with weddings and vacations, locations can make or break an important event. And if you are planning the perfect family picnic, you need to think about your options. Here are some picnic location ideas:

  • Home
  • Family or friend’s house
  • Park
  • Soft sand beach
  • Campground

Choose somewhere quiet with bathroom facilities if you have young kids. Dog parks aren’t a good idea for obvious reasons. If there is not a suitable public location, having a family picnic at home in your yard is still a good option.

If the weather is prone to turning windy or rainy, opt for an outdoor shelter that suits your needs.

Make and Bake the Perfect Food and Drinks

Finding crowd-pleasing family picnic food that everyone enjoys can seem impossible. No one gets excited about sandwiches at picnics anymore.

Instead, opt for a theme. You could plan a tapas picnic and serve patatas bravas, lots of cheese, deli meat, and olives. Or, prepare cheeseburger sliders and homemade apple pie for a traditional American picnic.

Whatever you decide, offer lots of choice and lots of it. There’s nothing wrong with leftovers!

And do not forget about drinks. Always pack water, but fresh lemonade and iced tea are picnic staples.

Pack the Perfect Supplies and Extras

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when you think “perfect family picnic” is the wicker basket and gingham napkins. 

Consider investing in the following supplies for your picnic:

  • Big wicker basket
  • Picnic blanket
  • Sun umbrella or shade
  • Picnic dishware
  • Tupperware or beeswax wraps
  • Outdoor throw cushions

Having a family picnic basket stored with the essentials will make it so much easier to have spontaneous picnics in the future. 

Play the Perfect Picnic Games

You cannot have a family picnic without the family picnic games! Invest in equipment like hula hoops and have a hula hooping competition or play games like ring toss.

Charades and Chubby bunny are classic games (you will need some marshmallows for the latter!). And if you have an even number of people in your family, you could play “don’t drop the ball.” But often, a deck of cards is all you need if you have older children.

Keep it simple and avoid bringing screens so that your children can enjoy some unplugged time outdoors.

Enjoy a Memorable Family Picnic

By investing in great picnic equipment and preparing food and games ahead of time, you will no doubt enjoy a perfect family picnic. Don’t forget your camera to take photographs of all the happy moments with your family to remember them for years to come.

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How to Plan the Perfect Family Picnic

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