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How to Protect Your Curious Kid New 2020

How to Protect Your Curious Kid

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How to Protect Your Curious Kid

1. If your child is under age 4, don’t give him nuts, seeds, popcorn, raisins, hard or sticky candy, chewing gum, whole grapes, hot dogs, or any raw fruits, vegetables, or other round, firm foods unless you cut them into pieces no larger than one-half inch.

2. Watch your child carefully during meals and at snacktime. Teach her to take small bites and chew completely before swallowing. Make sure that she sits while she’s eating and doesn’t play or run around with food or any other object in her mouth.

3. If your child is crawling, keep tables, counters, and floors clean, and regularly look under furniture, sofa cushions, and window blinds for small items that he could choke on. Teach older kids to pick up their toys and keep small items away from their younger siblings.

4. Watch your child especially closely if she has put small items in her mouth, ears, or nose in the past — because she’ll probably do it again. E.R. doctors say that many of the kids they treat are repeat offenders.

5. Follow all of the age recommendations and warning labels. Make sure that toys and parts are larger than the opening of a toilet-paper tube, or purchase a small-parts tester tube, a safety tool you can use to determine if a toy or a small part is safe for children under 4.

Originally published in the December 2009 issue of Parents magazine.

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How to Protect Your Curious Kid

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