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How to Set Boundaries for Baby New 2020

How to Set Boundaries for Baby

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How to Set Boundaries for Baby

Of course, no matter how often you say to yourself, “She’s just a baby!” there are times when her mischief-making can drive you nuts. The important thing is to catch yourself before you get so frustrated that you take it out on your baby. (An estimated 1,200 to 1,400 children are injured or killed by shaking every year in the United States.) Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and sit quietly until you’ve calmed down. Then call a friend to come watch her for half an hour while you go for a walk or soak in the tub— or if no one’s available, put the baby in her crib with a few toys while you take a ten-minute breather.

When your baby is a little older and in mid-meltdown, you can say, “Let’s take a time-in. I’m going to hold you, and we’ll breathe and relax for a minute until we both feel better,” Dr. Polland suggests. Since she’s seen Mommy doing it, she’ll know it’s not punishment but a healthy and productive way to deal with frustration and stress.

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How to Set Boundaries for Baby

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