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How to set up a very small nursery in a large closet New 2020

How to set up a nursery in a large closet

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How to set up a nursery in a large closet

You’re seeing about half of it. I’m taking the photo from the doorway.

My baby sleeps in a windowless closet. For reals. Since we moved to a bigger house this past summer, he no longer shares his bedroom with my office, but he didn’t get any more space in the bargain. Let me take you on a tour.

How to set up a nursery in a large closet

Panorama view of our tiny nursery makes it look HUGE

Though it is a rather large closet, it is a terribly small bedroom. If you stand in the middle of it, you can touch every piece of furniture. To your immediate right against the wall is the full-size crib; but, don’t trip over the glider getting there. Beneath the crib, we have plastic bins for outgrown clothes and out-of-season-stuff. Behind the glider hides the perma-iPod that functions as a white noise machine and a video monitor aimed at the baby’s sleeping face (that we stopped using months ago).

glider crib and more storage

Straight ahead is the small set of cubbies I bought from Target that holds books, toys, wipes, burp cloths, a coaster for baby bottles, and a small lamp (also from Target). As you can see, the stuff we need to grab for diaper changes is to the left and what we want for storytime is to the right.

toys, books, lap, wipes, cloths for baby

To your left is the changing table. We keep all the diapers and supplies in the top drawer so they are within easy reach of the adult but not the kicking feet of the baby. Also? No need to mount any shelves on the wall. [Side note for interested germaphobes: I pretend that the froggy changing pad cover helps folks know which end the baby’s head is supposed to be as opposed to his bum. I’m sure it totally works.]

top drawer fully loaded

Next to the changing table is the laundry bin and garbage cans. Because we compost diapers, we have one diaper pail for those and another trash for regular garbage.

garbage and laundry bins

And that’s it. Now we’ve spun all the way back to the beginning again. I tried to use my phone’s panorama perspective to capture the entire room at once.

How to set up a nursery in a large closet

It is not HUGE

This photo cracks me up because the super long perspective makes it almost look big. And the wobble around the boys shows how completely unable I am to hold the camera in a straight line. So, don’t worry, it’s a standard glider and the boys are just fine.

The noise-minimizing rug is 5×7 and almost fills the room. I added it to absorb some baby sounds; it kinda works. And I’m sure on some level the “no windows” is getting Sawyer to sleep later.

Do you have any more tips for my super little baby room?

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