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How to Stay Healthy Around Your Pet

How to Stay Healthy Around Your Pet

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How to Stay Healthy Around Your Pet ”

Pets are beneficial to our physical and mental health, but they can have their downsides too. Whether it’s just you and your pet in your home or you have a partner and kids, there is a need to be careful in order to avoid contracting diseases or getting injured. This article discusses five measures to take for a healthy coexistence with your pet.

Dogs and other pets can become infected with fungi, viruses, bacteria, and parasites and potentially spread the infection to humans. According to experts, poor diet planning is one of the main culprits behind illnesses in home animals. Your pet, like you, needs a balanced diet to build its immunity and ward off diseases. If you have a dog, a balanced diet of low-calorie dog food will improve their immunity and reduce the risk of obesity. Make sure to talk to a pet expert or vet for guidance on the best diet plan for your pet.

Scratches and bites are a less common cause of infection among humans, but they are significantly more dangerous than other infection channels. Cat bites, for instance, can cause cat scratch disease or Bartonella. Dog bites occur more often, but they are typically less dangerous unless the animal is unvaccinated. Minor bites can be managed at home using over-the-counter antibiotics. Cases of more severe bites should be immediately reported to a doctor whether the dog is vaccinated or not.

If you have a cat, do not keep the litter box anywhere near the kitchen or where children can touch or play with it. Also, ensure the box is emptied at least once every two days to curb parasite buildup. Organisms in cat feces can cause a disease called Toxoplasmosis, which can result in serious complications among pregnant women and people undergoing chemotherapy or treatment for HIV/AIDS.

Bird enclosures and cages should always be kept clean and free of droppings to avoid psittacosis. You can develop this disease — which is characterized by cough, muscle aches, rash, fever, and headache — if you inhale bacteria-infested dust from dried bird droppings. Always wear gloves when cleaning your bird’s cages or handling droppings. If you have to do it with your bare hands, make sure to wash them with clean water and soap afterward.

Your safety around pets may also be determined by the animal you keep in your home. All pets are different, and what is right for you may be dangerous to someone else, depending on your ages and immunity. Amphibians, rodents, and reptiles are among the animals you should avoid if there are children below the age of five or older adults in your home. Your veterinarian’s advice might come in handy when choosing a pet.


Our homes seem livelier and warmer with pets around. However, these animals can negatively impact our health if we don’t know how to handle them. The above tips should help you enjoy the company of your pet without jeopardizing your health.

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How to Stay Healthy Around Your Pet

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