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HVAC Guide: Top 5 Recommended Central Air Conditioning Units in the US ”

Many have been settling down with window unit air conditioners for years without realizing just what they’re missing out on with central air conditioning units. These are more convenient because once they’re professionally installed, they’re just there for you. You don’t need to take them out every year to have them cleaned or repaired.

Central air conditioning units are also way more efficient. It cools the entire house and costs less than multiple window type air conditioning units. They’re quieter while also adding to the value of the house. There’s a lot to gain from upgrading into a central air conditioning unit and ditching the window or portable types you may currently have installed. Just as important is choosing the correct brand for you. 

Before discussing the best-recommended brands, there are a few factors that need to be considered when buying a central air conditioning unit: 

  • Reputable HVAC installers
  • Installation price
  • A/C unit size
  • Energy efficiency
  • Maintenance
  • SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating
  • Energy-saving features

Rheem Air Conditioners

Rheem Manufacturing was founded by brothers Richard and Donald Rheem in 1925. For nearly 100 years, it’s the only manufacturer producing heating, cooling, water heating, pool & spa heating, and commercial refrigeration products. Rheem air conditioners are suitable for those with smaller budgets. These units are as durable as higher-priced ones when installed professionally. They have good reviews indicating that their units work quietly and are able to reduce utility bills for homeowners in the summers and winters. They can go on for 10 years without breaking down, and they have great service. Rheem air conditioners are well made, and they have a great track record. Parts are easy to get, as well as repairs—these are noticeably more affordable than with other brands, as well. 

Their AC units excel in initial and running costs. On average, their SEER rating stands at a high of 17.12, with the lowest being 13—still higher than most HVAC manufacturers. 

Trane Central AC Units

James Trane founded what would later become Trane Company in1885. Trane Central AC Units are innovative, and it’s ingenuity traces back to when James invented his first heating system. Together with his son Reuben, the company invented the first convector radiator in 1923. Today, they continue to design, test, and build their own parts, including central air conditioning units. 

Trane Central AC units can run from 15 to 20 years, boasting a high efficiency and reliability rate across boards. Their units are made to test the toughest conditions. Having made good quality units and stringent qualifications of installers, Trane has consistently ranked above average in consumer satisfaction and dependability. Its mantra is, “Installation day is the most important day in an air conditioner’s life,” which explains why Trane is so picky when choosing who installs their AC units. 

Among the things that set Trane apart from the rest are the following:

  • Trane Spine Fin Coils
  • Climatuff Compressors
  • ComfortLink II Communicating Technology
  • Selection
  • Nexia Smart Home

Goodman Central Air Conditioners

Harold V. Goldman, an HVAC trader, founded Goodman Manufacturing in 1975. It entered the HVAC market when it acquired Janitrol, an HVAC manufacturer, in 1982. From this point onward, there was nothing but expansion for Goodman. Their units are best suited for those living in a warmer environment. They improve efficiency and comfort for a low cost—efficiency being it’s no—one forte. 

Goodman central air conditioning units have an average SEER rating of 14, making it one of the best brands to choose from. When looking for a Goodman central air conditioning, here are few things you might want to consider:

Compressor Options

The compressor is the heart of an air conditioner. It could be single-stage, which runs on higher speeds for fast cooling and can result in high electric bills, or two-stage, alternating between low and high speeds to maintain a constant temperature, costing relatively lower electricity bills.

Condenser Fan Options

Condenser fans keep the condenser cool while it’s running. The longevity of the compressor greatly hinges on good quality condenser fans.

Heating Options

The Compressor does the cooling and heating functions of the HVAC, that’s why Goodman focuses on making sure its quality is the priority.

Noise Levels

To be certain, it’s impossible to prevent all noise from coming out of an HVAC. Goodman minimizes this by putting proper insulation, like rubber and other noise absorbents.

Warranty & Why it’s important

A warranty can save you money and effort when it comes to repairs of the HVAC or any of its components. Goodman offers warranties ranging from 5-10 years to lifetime, depending on the components involved.

Carrier Air Conditioners

Willis Carrier and six other engineers founded the Carrier Engineering Company in 1915. He is known to have invented modern air conditioning in 1902. This is easily known to be the top air conditioning unit manufacturer. They follow a strict quality guideline for their units as well as their installation, making sure only those trained in installing Carrier units are allowed to do the installation. They offer between 14 SEER to 21 SEER air conditioning units, allowing their customers to have a wide range of options of units to choose from. Their repair costs are also relatively lower than the rest of the HVAC manufacturers. 

Carrier air conditioning units are known to have low electricity consumption, undergo rigorous testing, use only genuine parts, and serviced by train technicians. Their units are known to be lost cost and lost maintenance. They also have a trusty customer service line. Like Goodman, you also need to consider the following when buying a Carrier central air conditioning unit: 

Carrier air conditioners are known for being valuing silence, efficiency, sleek design, and good cooling. You have 3 series and 18 units to choose from. Their central air conditioning units are still among the top HVAC brands when it comes to SEER, where it boasts a respectable 16.6. 

American Standard Air Conditioners

American Standard Air Conditioners was born by a corporate merger between American Radiator Company and Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company in 1929. They boast consistent comfort through quality central air conditioning units that don’t waste energy as they cool your home and offices. They’re known for durability and dependability, with service that you can always depend on. A highlight worth mentioning is that their HVAC units accept generic components. It looks at its units through 4 lenses:

  • Energy management
  • Comfort management
  • Humidity management
  • Sound management

American Standard HVAC boasts energy efficiency and increased compressor options. Their ACs also have features that allow it to adjust to weather requirements for a consistent temperature through the house or office; by adjusting, it’s able to lower electricity costs and repairs in the long run. If you don’t want to hassle any confusion, check the link (affordablecomfortmi.com/trenton-mi/) to get a schedule to consult with them for free.

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HVAC Guide: Top 5 Recommended Central Air Conditioning Units in the US

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