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I love coats and I want you to love them, too New 2020


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Something bums me out about assembling a cute outfit and then putting a dreary jacket over it. Over the past few years I’ve become a huge collector of coats, fancy sweatshirts, and jackets, and I want to share my enthusiasm for this fashion investment. The right coat is a wonderful thing to turn to before you head out the door. The wrong coat feels shlubby and can totally ruin your look.

Since Heather wrote the other day about her pursuit of cuter clothes, perhaps this is a word of warning. When you buy that adorable A-Line dress, think about what you’re going to wear over it, should the temperature drop below 60 degrees. There’s nothing wrong with an athletic-style zip up jacket; it just doesn’t go with a party frock.


Here’s my further justification for why you should make sure you have a couple of different loveable pieces of outerwear in your closet, along with a few selections to which I will link.

1. A  piece of outerwear can hide everything else you’re wearing. Wearing the shirt you slept in and need to head out the door? We can work with that. Got to work and realized your buttons are pulling tighter than they should? Unless you work at an amusement park in Florida, I think it’s okay to leave certain jackets on while at your desk. This yellow number says, “Is that the same exact black v-neck and jeans you’ve worn since 2005? I didn’t even notice.”


2. Add color to something that’s otherwise bland. If you have a jeans and a grey tunic uniform (my cousin-in-law, mom of two little monkeys, knows that I’m talking about her) a colorful jacket can be fun.

I love this green one from ModCloth (which is $31.99!)


I bought a pea coat in this same shade of nearly-neon red from Target last month and I love it with jeans of every color. I’m being seduced by the ruffly nonsense that this crimson one offers. (Also from ModCloth, because we are new affiliates of theirs and I love how many affordable jackets they have! This one is around $50.)


3. Coats are forgiving. They can fit most post-partum bodies and some are even designed to mask your muffin top. I posted this sweatshirt from Target on Pinterest and could tell instantly that it resonated with the mamas. It’s casual, but cute, and doesn’t showcase the gut.


4. Jackets are warm and cozy. When I was a nursing mom, my boobs really felt better with an extra layer hugging them. Of course, that just made one more thing to take off and carry around when I was already laden down with stuff, but I remember wanting to protect my chest from any chill. I’m all in favor of a soft sweatshirt that has a few interesting details. When I get a new one, it becomes my daily uniform for working at home and in cafes.

prairie underground hoodie

If your sleeves are frequently used as face-wiping devices by your loved ones, a good collection of washable outerwear seems like a wise strategy. I had my eye on this Prairie Underground hoodie (above) for over a year, but the price gets in the way. Over $200?


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