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I’m a DIY girl when it comes to lice New 2020


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Lice. Pretty much everyone who goes to school will get it at some point. I think we’ve gotten it annually since my son entered Kindergarten. When I say “we”, I mean that even I have been afflicted.

Lice-removal salons with cute names like “Hair Fairies” or “Nit Pixies” are a great resource for the newbie, but if you’re as unlucky as my household when it comes to nits, throwing money at the problem on a yearly basis is not sustainable.

I’m even willing to go on video and tell you what I think:

If you’ve had it, you know that lice can be all consuming. If you’ve never had it, please know that lice-induced anxiety for six or so weeks following your outbreak is natural. You may have trouble sleeping. I’m not joking.

Other things I’ve written about lice: What to do when you learn lice is going around your class; How to treat lice in your home; Lice is what happens while you’re busy making other plans (a memoir of my first experience with lice).

PS THIS is the lice removal comb you want. Just buy it now before you need it.

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