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I’m hosting a diaper drive. You can too. New 2020

I’m hosting a diaper drive. You can too.

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Yes, it’s time for me to put the diapers where my mouth is — eww! — and host my own diaper drive. This morning I dropped off a big box at my child’s preschool with some signage. You could also do it in your front yard (like Whitney did) or mostly online (like Wendy did). In any case, I want to do it BIG. I want to help my local diaper bank, Help a Mother Out (HAMO), with a 2500 diaper donation. It’s a pretty lofty goal, but I figure I should aim high.

If you want to donate to my diaper drive for HAMO helping Bay Area moms, you can make a cash donation through Network for Good. If you want to try diaper driving yourself, I highly encourage it. Share your story in the comments!

I downloaded the signs here:

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Awesome Mom Profile Lisa Truong (founder of HAMO and overall cool chick) and Ellen Pompeo talks diapers and motherhood (celebrity mom helping other moms).

Donate to HAMO via Network for Good.

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for Huggies Every Little Bottom campaign to diaper all babies in need. They asked me to spread the word on this issue and here I am spreading it. Now pass it on and collect some diapers. Thanks!

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