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I’m in love with these Star Wars jammies New 2020

These are the Star Wars pajamas I

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With the hot summer underway, I am sharing these flipping cute Hanna Andersson Star Wars shorty pajamas. All are organic cotton (and I wish they came in my size). My personal experience with Hanna Andersson jammies — after ten years of parenting — is that they are expensive but will last for at least three children without showing wear.

These are the Star Wars pajamas I'm looking for

These affiliate links are for and seemed to have the best prices along with free shipping. Happy browsing.

The Princess Leia pajamas are all about the galaxy-saving princess’ iconic hairstyle. Cute for any rebel who likes pink. Available from 3T through big kid size 14.Adorable Organic Cotton Princess Leia pajamas by Hanna Andersson

These Darth Vader shorties are too cute to be evil, but your little one may feel differently. Right now, small sizes only.

This set of short johns is covered in space battles (actual Star Wars!) with the Millennium Falcon front and center. For girls or boys, in toddler and preschooler sizes.


These C3PO long johns are my favorite! Since shorties are not available, I’m sensing a need to beat the rush for Christmas. Is that insane?

C3PO long johns are organic cotton

Judge me by my size, do you? These Yoda and Luke Skywalker swamp jammies are probably better on a kid than me.

Yoda long johns in organic cotton

Thanks for indulging me as I share my new favorite pajama designs with you. Which ones do you love?

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