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Inside Scarlett’s closet: jeggings New 2020

Inside Scarlett’s closet: jeggings

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Scarlett, age 3, refuses to wear any pants that are not leggings. No zipper nor button shall pass over her hips. “Stretch pants or no pants” is her motto.

Ryan and I are partial to jeans. Her big brother Julian has been wearing denim since he was a couple months old and wears them most of the time. Ryan and I wear jeans most of the time as well, and he keeps Julian outfitted in up-to-date washes. I realize I am sounding more shallow by the minute, so let’s just go with it. Basically, we’ve been reluctant to accept her leggings-only wardrobe.

When I saw Levi’s toddler jeggings at my local independent kid store, I fell in love.

These Levi’s jeggings are perfect for Scarlett. They feel soft and stretchy like leggings and offer the elastic waist demanded by the protruding tummy set. With a shirt hanging over the waistband, they look like jeans, including the trademark Levi stitching and red tag. And she totally went for it.

(FYI, I can only find them at one online store, Cookie’s in addition to the Levi’s online store. I paid less than $20 for these toddler jeggings and they come only in sizes 12, 18 and 24 months.)

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