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Is Ajwain Good For Your Toddler?

Is Ajwain Good For Your Toddler?

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I still remember how my mother used to give me a spoonful of Ajwain every time if fell nauseous, was vomiting or was rolling on the floor with period cramps. Isn’t it wonderful, how mothers know all the secret ingredients that are best for their child? Well, now that I am on the same journey, I cannot help but think about all the good things that’ll be beneficial for my baby. I keep pondering, reading and discussing all the things I should use, eat or even consider doing for the benefit of my baby. During one of my regular pondering session, I asked myself if Ajwain will be good for my baby.

Well, as I dived deep into information, these are amazing facts and incredible benefits that I came across while reading. I thought what better way than to share it with my fellow parents! Here are some of the benefits of Ajwain for your toddler. Dont forget to use it..

Benefits Of Ajwain-

There are some core benefits of Ajwain. Let’s take a look at them –

  1. Soothes indigestion
  2. Is a natural anti-acid
  3. Relives cold and cough
  4. Is amazingly beneficial for pregnant and breast-feeding females

Consumption Of Ajwain–

Now that you know the benefits of Ajwain, how will you consume it and give it to your toddler, you wonder? Well, let’s look into the solution for this as well –

  1. Ajwain water:

    The first thing that can be easily made to feed a baby, in this context, is Ajwain water. Take approximately 2 tbsp. of roasted Ajwain and soak it in water overnight. You can simply mix it well in the morning, or sieve Ajwain seeds from the water before drinking. It is best to be consumed at room temperature

  2. Inhaling boiled Ajwain seeds:

    Ajwain can work wonders in case your toddler is facing respiratory problems. A steem of boiled Ajwain seed can be given to him/her. The inhaling of Ajwain seed will soothe their respiratory problems

  3. Aiding agent for digestion:

    Not only in digestion, if your child has other gastric problems like ulcers, etc. Ajwain is what s/he needs. It has gastro-protective properties and will help your toddler cure faster

  4. Asthma:

    Ajwain helps in healing asthma in babies. It has medicinal values which can ease asthma issues in your toddler. You can either crush it, or give it in small quantities, if your toddler can swallow it; or else go ahead with Ajwain water

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  1. se organic Ajwain for your toddler. These are chemical and husk free, and are always safe to use for toddlers
  2. You can make Ajwain dishes like – Ajwain puri or Ajwain parathas for your toddler
  3. Always use Ajwain judiciously when giving it to your toddler

Did you like this blogs on Ajwain useful? Do you have any other tips to share with fellow parents? Do share them in the comments section below; we’d love to hear from you!

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