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Join Mom’s Rising to fight for your rights New 2020

Join Mom’s Rising to fight for your rights

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Mom's Rising RosieBefore having a baby, I never knew how ridiculously hard it would be to structure a desirable workday and eek out a fair wage. I was writing to my old college roommate today and I was going to list my loooong laundry list of constraints for finding a new job when it occurred to me that I was only bound by one (seemingly impossible to meet): that I be home to care for my son by 2:15 pm.

Many other amazing moms that I knew from the days of full-time employment are similarly flummoxed by trying to find a new balance of work and life. It sucks.

The Motherhood Manifesto : What America's Moms Want - and What To Do About ItIf you used to work outside the home and you are now wondering how to juggle childcare, health care, wage earning, quality time, and all that shite with an evolving set of priorities, check out the great information and petition at Moms Rising. You can print out an excerpt from the book and create some bedtime reading for yourself.

Or you can buy the book, the Motherhood Manifesto, and find out what America’s moms want and what to do about it. What a good Mother’s Day gift for yourself!!

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