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Jonah Engler on how to get your child to confide in you

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Jonah Engler on how to get your child to confide in you ”

Many parents today face the problem of getting their child to speak freely with their parents. Many children do not like to share what is in their mind with confidence. It is so because they face many different situations at their schools, tuitions, and peers. Maybe they have heard about depressing news that makes them worried, and therefore they become silent as a result. Perhaps your usually jolly child is not the same when they returned from school. 

It would help if you sat with them. Talk it out so that kids get a place where they can open up. Jonah Engler says that you should take care of the fact that your child shares the feelings that they are going through. They must release themselves from the pain that they are going through. 

Some tips to support your child in their low by Jonah Engler

  • Encourage your child to open up before you: You should allow your child to open up comfortably. It would be best if you gave them the chance to talk about their problem with you. All children do not find it easy to share their thoughts. It is difficult for them to find words to communicate. It would be best if you were attentive to them. It will help them to gain confidence. They will get the will power to share their thoughts. Sometimes they are not even aware of their feeling. In that case, you have to share your experiences. Tell them that even you faced struggle at their age. It would be best if you acted like a friend with them.
  • Be available for your child and create space for them: The best way to start a conversation with your child is to be available for them when they need you. You have to be there physically as well as emotionally. Give them all possible support when they are low. Try to create a safe environment for them. Tell them that you are there, and they can share it with you without any hesitation. Letting your child know about similar happenings in your life can help you connect with them better. Try to appreciate their good deeds and try to rectify their wrongdoing. Never try to punish them harshly. Punishment can be a big hurdle in your smooth communication. It creates a fear in them. 
  • Try to manage your reaction: You should never overreact to anything that they share. It would be best if you had self-control while dealing with your child. They should get the confidence that you can hear the most upsetting thing and still be patient. Try to help them fix their problems. Train them in the art of dealing with a challenging situation. Make them believe that they have the skill to manage severe conditions.  

Hence it can be ascertained that your child will turn out to be the way you want them to be depending upon your efforts. It would be best if you channelized them in the right direction to be at their best when problems confront them. You can make them confident about themselves by teaching them skills that have helped you overcome a difficult situation. 

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Jonah Engler on how to get your child to confide in you

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