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Keep Your Kids Warm this Halloween with These Tips

Keep Your Kids Warm this Halloween with These Tips

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Keep Your Kids Warm this Halloween with These Tips ”

This year, Halloween is a little different for many families. The second wave of the COVID-19 virus has put a damper on many spooky plans — parties, school events, and traditional trick-o-treating. You might not go door-to-door this year, but there’s no harm in dressing up the kids and privately walking around the neighbourhood or creating a family Halloween candy scavenger hunt in the front yard! These activities might not be as exciting as collecting treats from neighbouring homes, but they offer your children a safe opportunity to do something fun outside. 

Although traditional Halloween is temporarily on hold for many people, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and get into the holiday’s scary spirit. To keep your little kiddies warm throughout the night, take a look at these tips.

Choose a Costume with Layers 

Fortunately, most children’s costumes are easy to add layers. However, pay attention to the costumes that have skin-tight elements or are a little too snug. You want to have the option to remove or add layers like socks and tights if it gets too cold or too hot.

Have Leggings, Socks, and Underclothes Ready

Layers don’t have to be big and bulky. Start with thermal socks and underwear to add significant warmth. Unlike standard cotton, thermal absorbs moisture away from the body, keeping you warm and comfortable. Avoid adding on a bulky sweater or sweatshirt without having the appropriate layers underneath. If your daughter is dressed like a vampire, ensure she has a breathable cotton t-shirt underneath that cape, in addition to her thermal socks and underwear. An oversized, bulky sweater will make it too hot for her to enjoy the evening.

Buy or Make a Costume One Size Up

A little extra wiggle room is a great idea if it’s a frigid night because it allows you to fit in more layers. A costume that’s a bit loose will also feel more comfortable — there’s nothing worse than a werewolf in tight clothing.

Bring a Warm Beverage 

A nice cup of hot chocolate will keep the kids warm as they embark upon this unusual Halloween. Ensure that everyone has a clean thermos to fill before the night begins. A hot drink will also fuel people’s energy, including your own!

If you’re hanging out in the yard or just walking to the end of the block, preparing a big pot of hot chocolate or a favourite tea won’t be hard to do. The family can pop in and out when they decide to fill up their thermoses. 

Keep the Kids Moving

If we weren’t in the middle of a global pandemic, this would be easy — you’d keep the kids moving from house to house, collecting candy! However, this year you need to get a little more creative. A candy scavenger hunt is a great idea, and maybe to change things up a bit, have the family engage in a backyard race or Monster Mash dance!

It’s a strange time for everyone right now, but it’s essential to make things as “normal” as possible. Stay outside for a while; keep everyone bundled up, and then head inside for some scary movies and popcorn! It will be a Halloween your kids will never forget. 

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Keep Your Kids Warm this Halloween with These Tips

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