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Keeping your team productive – 5 ways to enhance output in your department ”

The only thing longer than a working day is a working week and if you’ve noticed your team’s output is dropping lately, then your colleagues might be struggling to keep themselves motivated. Streamlining your department’s working practices not only makes roles more productive, but it can improve efficiency throughout your business and create a happier, healthier place to work. 

But, how can you keep your team fully motivated? Here we’ll explore 5 ways to enhance output. 

Embrace marketing technology

Often, one of the most important teams within an organization is the marketing team. They’re the driving force behind the brand and the company’s identity. It’s up to the marketers to ensure that the company message is being heard loud and clear, all the while helping the company image maintain its continuity whilst also allowing the business to step out of the shadows of its competitors. Frustratingly, those in the marketing industry can sometimes become bogged down with menial and laborious tasks that not only pave the way for mistakes but also impact your department’s output. By embracing marketing technology, marketing teams have the tools they need to automate their marketing strategy to increase that elusive ROI.  

Understand the importance of training

When you and your co-workers are well trained, everyone is going to be better and more confident in their roles. Not only does regular and updated training give your team the tools and knowledge they need to increase their output, but it also reduces the likelihood of mistakes and errors that could set your work back even further. When your department’s team members know more about their roles and recognize the time and money invested in them, they feel valued, loyal and will want to work at full capacity.

Keep your equipment and software up to date

Installing a new piece of equipment or software to make everyone’s lives a little easier is a great way to boost productivity. However, if you fail to keep these new additions updated or serviced regularly then you’re only going to encounter more issues that will set your work output back further. When it comes to productivity, run a tight ship and keep everything in good working order.  

Offer flexibility

Flexible working practices can help break up the monotony of strict office hours. The long and arduous morning and evening commute can be enough to make anybody resent coming in to work. By offering a flexible working approach, you’re building trust within your team and you’re giving them a sense of responsibility. Whether it’s weekend working or working from home, consider what options might benefit them and discuss this with your boss. Flexible working often means a greater output.

And finally, set feedback and goals

From sales reps to data entry temps, everyone in the organization benefits from targets and personal goals in the workplace. It builds character, presents a challenge and increases productivity. Once these goals have been achieved – or missed – ensure that feedback and a strong analysis of their performance are given. These goals could be productivity-focused! 

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Keeping your team productive – 5 ways to enhance output in your department

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