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Kids and Cell Phones: What to Do When It Gets Lost ”

Nowadays letting your child go out alone without a phone is scary. But when the child constantly loses the device it’s time to insert some precautions. According to statistics, between the ages of 6 and 15, every fifth child loses his phone on average once every two months. For example, leave it on the windowsills, desks, in the locker room, or in school buses.

Thus, there is no reason to think that your kid is unique.

Why Kids Lose Phones

First of all, try to calmly understand what is causing these constant losses. Maybe the child simply does not understand the value of the phone. Also the kid may not even consider it as their property. Especially if they are quite young. If they do not use their phones at home much, they will easily forget they even own a phone. Always make sure that your child is aware of owning a thing and the consequences of a loss.

If your child is older, there are also several reasons for inattentiveness. Maybe the kid is too busy and absent-minded because of the schoolwork. Also, maybe they want a more expensive model? Sometimes kids are even bullied if they have a cheap simple model. It also may happen that the older students simply took away the phone as a joke, and the child is afraid to confess. Try to discuss the problem and find a solution.

Prevent Phone Loss

But so that the loss does not happen again – prepare the child’s phone for losses. You can search for a child’s smartphone through the installed family tracker applications. Moreover, they combine “two in one” – they can also reduce their anxiety. In case of danger, the child can send an SOS signal. And they obviously help locating a lost phone.

The best find lost phone apps are:


A family GPS tracker with many functions.  You are able to check the location of the connected device. For safety, the app allows you to listen to the sound around and get photos and videos from the phone remotely. It even informs about the low battery of the child’s phone and has an alarm button. Plus, it is compatible not only with smartphones, but also with GPS watches.

Kid Control

This app has basically the same functions, but also has a web version. If your devices are away, you can track your child’s phone even through a browser. Plus, this app has parental control functions – you can block certain websites or apps on your kids phone. And also has the automatic notifications for phone location.

Furthermore, always prepare free services for instant calling the lost phone. One of the best is callmyphone.org.

How Can You Find A Lost Phone

If the phone is already lost, you need to take actions immediately. Follow a step-by-step routine for locating a lost phone as soon as possible.

Step One

Simply call the lost cell phone.  If the phone rings somewhere nearby, you can safely breathe. If it falls into the hands of decent people, they will answer and tell you how to pick up your mobile. Smartphones are usually blocked by password. So even if people wanted to contact the owner to report the location of the smartphone, they will not be able to. book. But answering the call will not be difficult. But, if the phone is still silent, you will have to look for other options.

Step Two

If your kid has an Android – login to Google account used on the phone. Then use Find My Phone to access real-time information about the location of your smartphone. You can also download the Find My Device app from Google Play to any other Android gadget at your disposal.

If the lost phone is an iPhone – Use iCloud and sign in with Apple ID to find out exactly where your phone is. You can also use Find My iPhone on any other Apple devices with the same Apple ID.

Using these apps you can also delete all the possible personal information. And block the phone from using completely – if someone finds it, the only thing displayed will be the message to return a phone to the owner.

Step Three

If the phone is already turned off, the mission “find my kids phone” is getting more difficult. In this case, it is better to find out the IMEI number and go to the police. Also, if the kid has any suspects or suggestions on where the phone may be, check these places. The most common ones are school, gym, and any places the kid visits frequently. If your child remembers last time they were with the phone, check everything. Also ask their teachers and classmates – someone may have seen the phone.

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Kids and Cell Phones: What to Do When It Gets Lost

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