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Looking good naked or just talking about it New 2020

Looking good naked or just talking about it

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On Friday night, Alec and I returned home from our big date (to see Hot Buttered Rum — good times!) to play with the TiVo and look for new shoes. You see, that’s what we do when we get home before 11pm and we forget that our babies tend to wake us up early… we hang out on the couch and chill.

So, we looked up Lucy Daughter of the Devil (one of Alec’s high school friends plays a homicidal nun) and How to Look Good Naked for future sampling. Well, HtLGN was on right then so we sat there transfixed, jaws partially agape, and watched it. And it was kinda cool.

I absolutely love the idea behind the show: help women find what’s great about their bodies and celebrate that. I also like that they’re not pushing product (very much) and that Carson seems so genuine while still being entertaining. I was a little bit freaked about the building-size billboards of the women naked that surprised the participants.

Anyway, go check it out and let me know what you think!

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