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Lose the Baby Weight Success Stories New 2020

Lose the Baby Weight Success Stories

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Lose the Baby Weight Success Stories

Maral S., 28

San Mateo, California

Before Pregnancy: 133 lbs. Gained: 25 lbs. Total Lost: 25 lbs.

Time: 7-8 months

How I did it: I didn’t lose the weight right away. As a first-time mom, I was so sleep-deprived and my health was not my main priority. I got home from a long day and didn’t want to take lean chicken out of the freezer and grill it — it was so much easier to eat whatever junk was in the pantry. I started snacking in the middle of the night from being up with the baby. If I did manage to work out, I came home and ate twice as many calories as I had just burned off.

After four months, I felt miserable about how I looked and I knew I needed to make a change. At the same time, a good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy and lost all her hair. Many of my girlfriends were already in training groups to run races for cancer, but with a young baby, I couldn’t make the time commitment. So I bought a jogging stroller and created my own running club of me and Ava. We started walking/jogging, working our way up in half-mile increments, and after a couple of months, I was able to finish a half-marathon.

My diet tricks: I’m not a dieter. If something’s in front of me, I’ll eat it. So one day, I gathered up all the food in my kitchen I knew I shouldn’t be eating and donated it. I re-stocked with healthy stuff, like lean meat, whole wheat everything, tuna, veggies, salad. After I started running, I learned that carbs are not the enemy — they give you energy as long as you eat the right ones.

What kept me motivated: Running for a cause, for my friends who couldn’t, kept me going when I wanted to give up. Ava also loved being outdoors in the fresh air. Eventually it became such a part of her routine, she knew something was off if we didn’t go.

My best advice: Be realistic. After pregnancy, you have new problem areas. Losing the weight takes a lot of hard work and discipline, and even after you do, you won’t look exactly the same as you did before, especially in the lower belly. The elasticity of the skin changes, and there may not be a lot you can do about it.

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Lose the Baby Weight Success Stories

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