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Losing Postnatal Baby Weight with Coolsculpting ”

Is it actually possible to lose weight and especially post-natal excess fat with the power of the cold? You would be very surprised to hear that the answer to that question is a resounding “yes”. It is not only possible to get rid of postnatal excess fat with Coolsculpting, but it is also actually very popular. Coolsculpting has been in demand across the world thanks to many of the advantages that come with fat freezing over conventional methods of fat reduction.

From LA to NYC, countless patients are going into clinics like Skinly Aesthetics, located in the heart of Manhattan, to get rid of excess baby fat that they built up during pregnancy. Skinly Aesthetics’ treatment plan of  Coolsculpting NYC specifically is quite famous among New Yorkers as one of the most effective ways to get rid of extra fat.

It’s very important to learn how Coolsculpting actually works, as it has been proven to be a very useful treatment and has helped countless new moms restore their prenatal body image and regain confidence in their appearance.

One Very Important Thing to Remember

Well, two actually. First, there is nothing wrong with having extra fat. This doesn’t mean you’re obese or out of shape. Everyone has extra fat in certain areas of their body and this is especially normal for individuals coming out of their pregnancies. There is absolutely nothing bad about having excess fat and plenty of people are perfectly happy with having it in certain areas of the body.

Second: yes, natural means are always going to be recommended over anything else that modern medical science has to offer. Exercising, dieting, and living a generally healthy lifestyle are unbeatable when it comes to losing weight or burning away excess fat. However, this can take a very long time depending on your body, your natural physique, and your build. Some people have a very hard time burning away fat through physical exercise. In other cases, some people don’t have the money or time for it.

Postnatal fat loss is even harder in this case, as you’re going to be too busy taking care of your newborn to worry about fat loss. Coolsculpting offers a fast and easy way out of this process. No spending hours at the gym, no dieting, just you and your newborn, while your body naturally does the rest of the work.

How the Coolsculpting Procedure Works

This leads us to the next main question: how Coolsculpting works and what it actually does. It’s easy to doubt the effectiveness of treatment if you don’t know how it actually works. 

The procedure itself is entirely non-invasive, which means it does very little, to no damage to the body. This is a very important factor in any treatment, cosmetic or otherwise, as the amount of damage done to the body will in turn determine how much time you need for the recovery and the severity of the side effects. Since the Coolsculpting treatments do very little damage to the body, you can expect few to no side effects, as well as an almost non-existent recovery time.

Coolsculpting is one of the few treatments that will allow you to resume your daily tasks immediately after the procedure is finished. You can just get up and go if you ignore the temporary aching coming from the treated area. This is very natural immediately after the treatment as your body is not used to being exposed to such temperatures for very long. However, once the aching subsides, which will within 10 to 15 minutes, you will feel entirely like yourself.

The procedure is performed by utilizing special applicators which produce 12 degrees Fahrenheit of cold. Placing the metal pads of the applicators on the treated areas, the fat cells are exposed to the cold temperatures and go into a process called “apoptosis”. This is when the body begins to dispose of damaged or non-functioning cells. This is not a process that happens very fast and it could take several months for the body to get rid of all the fat cells in that area. But given enough time, the pocket of fat in that area will be reduced. 

The Procedure and Post-Treatment

The Coolsculpting procedures are very short, lasting anywhere from 40 to 50 minutes depending on which area of the body will be treated. While the procedures themselves are short, the treatment as a whole can take up to 6 months for the final results to become visible. This is the amount of time the body needs to naturally dispose of the deactivated fat cells, so you need to be patient.

After the procedure is finished, you will be free to continue with your daily routine. Other than a little redness and aching, there is very little discomfort that you will feel once the procedure is finished. Nothing will keep you from resuming your daily tasks and returning to your responsibilities. 

As time goes by, you will notice a visible difference in the treated area of the body. The layer of fat will continue to shrink until that part of your body looks sculpted. One very important thing to keep in mind: Coolsculpting gets rid of fat that is already present in your body. It does not prevent fat from building up there. 

The results of a Coolsculpting treatment can last forever if you’re determined to keep them that way. Postnatal fat can be very hard to get rid of, but with Coolsculpting the process becomes a lot easier. However, this doesn’t mean you’re entirely off the hook. In order to keep the results the way that they are, you will need to keep an active lifestyle after the treatment has worked. Otherwise new fat is going to develop in those areas and you’ll be starting from square one.

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Losing Postnatal Baby Weight with Coolsculpting

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