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Love or shove: Chew Beads – Why I absolutely love them! New 2020

chewbeads tribeca

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A few years back I received some chew beads and absolutely loved them. I found that a few people were surprisingly not as big of a fan. Some said that it sends the wrong message (like my six months old should instead learn self-control and discipline not to slurp on my hair, clothes, and necklaces) but I say the baby is just 6 months old so their opinion is a bunch of hogwash. Here is my breakdown why I love these silicone necklaces for my baby.

chewbeads tribeca

Chew Beads Style

I received my ChewBeads as a gift and I loved them. I wore this necklace nearly every day and got compliments on it. One time, my babysitter tried to warn me, “Hey, You’re leaving the house with your teething necklace on” and I just laughed and kept going.

I think Chew Beads saw my trend of wearing their turquoise necklace everywhere, felt bad and said. “We need to add more styles” because they have quite the ensemble nowadays. Check out some of their styles below.

chew beads brooklyn

Chew Beads Brooklyn $16.50

chew beads classic turqouise

Chew beads classic turquoise $36.50

chewbeads tribeca

Chew Beads Tribeca $24.50


I still remember the days of constantly giving my first son a teething ring only to have him throw it on the ground and begin chewing on my necklaces or hair or throwing my sunglasses on the ground (thus the reason I have only owned cheap sunglasses for the past 12 years).

With Chew Beads, you will find the baby nibbling on a necklace that is actually safe for them to chew on (please note if you have your regular necklace on with the chew beads, your necklace will still get nibbled)

100% Safe Silicone Beads

Obviously, the main benefit of the necklace is that your child isn’t having something dirty or gross in their mouth. Plus, the silicone is so soothing on their poor little gums during teething.

silicone necklace for teething

So, what do you guys think? Love or shove?

You can order them online at or on ChewBeads website.

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I received this necklace as a gift and the links are to my Amazon account, where I make affiliate revenue of each sale

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