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Make your preschooler a geoboard New 2020

It is easy to create a geoboard for your preschooler

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Mike posted an awesome list of indie stores to browse online. I am returning the favor with a suggestion targeted at his demo: crafty dads of preschool-aged kids. (As a marketer, I will say this demographic is probably the least valuable to any company, but it is one that I personally adore.)

It is easy to create a geoboard for your preschooler

It is easy to create a geoboard for your preschooler | photo by megret7

Take a square of wood, pencil in a measured grid and place nails at the corners of your grid. Hand your preschooler a fistful of rubberbands and you’ve got yourself 20 minutes of quiet.

I am not as hard on myself as to take the handmade pledge, but I very much cheer on those who do. Heather and her husband have taken their own holiday shopping pledge and are trying to buy only local gifts. Perhaps she’ll do us the favor of blogging about what that means sometime soon.

The geoboard is a project and a gift that will probably meet everyone’s goals of being frugal, green, and creative.

My son can be kept busy for some quiet time with this, and he has successfully used it with friends, taking turns to place rubber bands. My parents bought him one and since we sometimes need to keep him busy at the dinner table while we eat and he’s done, we hand this to him then.

Gift Advice
DIY’ers: You can probably make it yourself for a couple of dollars.
I’d Rather Buy It’ers: Find a geoboard on amazon.

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