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Makin’ it: Star Wars-themed baby mobile New 2020

Make this star wars baby mobile or a dozen other fun projects

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These are the droids you’re looking for. I created this hanging R2D2 mobile after seeing this gorgeous Vespa mobile on Hey Jen Renee (please click through, pin it, love it!). For our baby brother, we wanted to make a Star Wars version, but this same idea could work for any number of fun themes.

Make this star wars baby mobile or a dozen other fun projects

I sketched a rough R2D2 as a template (note that my husband and son disagreed about the importance of the third/middle leg and I opted against using it because I didn’t want to create a giant penis) but you could always trace a cookie cutter or use a printable. Though my droids are messy, I think they still pass for robots.

SuperEasy Steps:

  1. Assemble materials and template.
    Make this star wars mobile: materials
  2. Cut out matching foam shapes about 4″ wars r2d2 foam cut outs for baby mobile
  3. Clip them to your wars r2d2 foam cut outs for baby mobile
  4. Hang high out of baby’s wars r2d2 baby mobile tutorial

Pro tip: Buy the hanging mobile with clips (not wire slider thingies) to save yourself minutes of aggravation (in my case, four minutes of hole-punching and tying loops).

Materials I like:

More fun ideas:

After my ten-minute DIY foam mobile was done, I had many more ideas. Since I still have this mobile frame, I can change the design a gajillion times.

  • Pac Man. A sentimental favorite of mine. One yellow circle cut into Mr. Pac Man and the other colors as ghosts (easier than R2!)
  • Angry Birds. A favorite of my children. Cute primary colors could work well for this. Create a few birds and pigs. Done.
  • Yoda. Green yoda heads. Done!

Once assembled, I hung the mobile on our dining room light fixture for a few days before moving it high out of reach. It goes well with the robot motif in the bedroom.

I’d love to hear any other ideas for a simple foam mobile in the comments. Or better yet, pictures.

Baby mobile not your thing? Choose another fun Makin’ it project.

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