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Makin’ it: Super simple LEGO table New 2020

20 minute project: DIY LEGO table with tutorial

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We’re excited to share our first guest post for Makin’ it this week (or, as she strongly prefers, “Making it”) from longtime reader, Laura Case. She is the mom of twin boys and a talented photographer blogging her adventures at Oh, and she better look us up when she comes to town next month!

super simple LEGO table + dozens more crafty projects for parents

I have been reading Rookie Moms for the last 6 years (!) because you never know when even non-rookies can stumble onto great ideas. This post by the ever awesome Angry Julie last September about a DIY LEGO table she and her husband made for their son piqued my interest. We are a LEGO house and those things multiply! For Christmas, my husband and I decided to convert our Melissa and Doug train table into a LEGO table.

20 minute project: DIY LEGO table with tutorial

We took guidance from Julie’s instructions to make ours, but we wanted to go SUPER simple. We bought six large baseplates and liquid nails. My husband started by gluing down plate #1 in the middle then building around it, using LEGOs to anchor the plates into correct position. Within 20 minutes, all six plates were in place. That’s it. Glue, plates, done.

Two things were critically important to us.

1) With two boys playing together at it, we wanted a large space around the table for errant LEGOs. I took this “before” photo of what the LEGO table usually looks like at our house. The raised lip of the table helps keep the LEGOs contained.

20 minute project: DIY LEGO table with tutorial

2) We still wanted to be able to use the table as a train/art table. Here I’ve flipped over one half of the top so you can see the other side. This is also how we hid the LEGO table for a month from the boys. Once the glue was dry, we flipped the LEGO side to the bottom then rebuilt the train tracks on top.

20 minute project: DIY LEGO table with tutorial

20 minutes of work and our boys think we are rock star parents. Not too shabby.

Table + LEGO plates + glue = awesome. Bravo, Laura! LEGO table not your style? Choose another fun project.

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