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Monthly baby photos made easy New 2020

Ideas for monthly baby photos

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How to take monthly baby photos

Monthly photos of baby, like the ones Karen took of Laz in her DIY monthly onesies, make me smile. (See Lazzaro’s freaking adorable monthly baby shots.)

The mom behind Sticky Bellies has made it super easy to add months or milestones to your baby’s snapsuit, if DIY is not your thing.

I like that Sticky Bellies offers a breadth of designs from simple to purple and orange argyle. They come in packages of twelve and run around $12-$14 depending on the retailer.

Ideas for monthly baby photos

Pictured above: Badge boy collection for 1-12 months; Maternity series for 12-40 weeks; and “Wow! I’m rolling” sticker from the Milestone package

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