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Mother’s day e-cards for lesbian moms and more New 2020

Mother’s day e-cards for lesbian moms and more

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If a cliched joke about mom doing all the laundry just isn’t going to cut it for sending your favorite mama a quick e-card on Mother’s Day, take a look at the progressive cards (albeit not very humorous) that non-profit organization Strong Families has put together on their site.

For a straight woman, I have turned out to be quite a collector of lesbians in my life. My closest cousin; my college roommate; one of my best childhood friends; and three women in my first-time mom’s group are all women partnered with women. So these cards, highlighted for me by one of the mom’s group lesbian mamas (Hi Isobel!), resonated with me as a sweet way to acknowledge two-mom families.

The other cards in the collection are inclusive, reflecting families of color, immigrants, activists, and homebirth-related messaging.

They have also formatted a couple of the images specifically for use as Facebook cover images.

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