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Music Activities for Kids

Music Activities for Kids

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Music Activities for Kids ”

Exposure to music is highly beneficial for children because music plays a crucial role in child development. A number of studies have suggested that children who grow up in a music-rich environment and participate in musical activities have increased memory, concentration, spatial intelligence, linguistic abilities, thinking skills and other cognitive capabilities. 

In addition, music activities done in a group setting, such as games or making music together with peers, can help children gain self-confidence while learning to interact with others. The cognitive and social skills learned early in life can help children grow up to be well-rounded adults.

This is why it’s important for children to take part in activities that involve music. In this article, we’ve laid out some of the most fun and engaging music activities for kids. Let’s get started!

Learn to play an instrument

Children who grow up playing with rattles, xylophones, mini drums and other musical toys would already have a sense of what it’s like to produce sounds when they move their hands. Children as young as 3 years of age can already get started on music lessons, though for most young children between the ages of 3 and 6, it’s more about fun and discovery rather than serious study.

One of the most popular instruments that kids can learn is the ukulele – it’s small, lightweight and with only four strings, it’s easy to learn and produces a nice sound straightaway. Younger kids don’t even have to learn all the basics yet in order to enjoy playing it. Eventually, they can get started on learning basic chords and playing familiar tunes. Kid-friendly ukulele lessons are readily available online and this site offers a review of uke lessons you can check out.

Play music games

Music games combine the joys of music with the fun and physical benefits of movement. Games are a great way to expend all that restless energy and practice social skills. Here are some music games that kids can enjoy:

  • Freeze Dance – Play different tunes and encourage the kids to move to their heart’s content. Instruct them that when the music stops, they should stop dancing too. Play hip-hop, classical, ska, pop, jazz, techno and other genres of music as a way of introducing your kids to different music styles.
  • Guess the Song – Another favorite! Hum a nursery rhyme or song that you’re certain your children know, and let them guess what it is or sing the lyrics. You can also make it silly by singing the song but replacing all of the lyrics with a single word – for example, singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” but saying only the word “pancake.” Then, let the kids take their turn!
  • Super Silly Singing – Here’s something to challenge the creativity of both kids and adults alike. The goal is to make up a song or ditty about a random object at home – it can be a rubber duckie, a pot holder, a shoe – anything at all! Write the names of different objects in little pieces of paper, put them in a box or bowl and let everyone pick out an object they need to make up a simple song about. Encourage the use of clapping, musical toys, empty boxes, tin cans and even body parts as accompaniment. Create a ‘stage’ where everyone will perform their masterpiece.

There’s plenty of other music activities for kids you can try out. You can even come up with your own – we’d love to hear your ideas!

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Music Activities for Kids

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