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Mustache-themed first birthday! New 2020

Mustache-themed first birthday!

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Rookie mom, Kiaran, shared her pictures from her son Ashton’s first birthday and I couldn’t wait to share them with you. How cute is baby Ashton in his ‘stache? Between juggling her fulltime job with work-related travel and parenting a teething pre-toddler, planning the party was pretty easy with some strategic etsy purchases.

We had a blast and he enjoyed every minute of it. We did a mustache bash and had Mexican food, a keg, and some homemade cupcakes and s’more party favors. I got all of the décor and his little tie from Etsy (Jar wrappers and tags and Little guy ties) – too cute!

All photos and party details from Kiaran Locy. Thanks Kiaran and happy birthday, Ashton (whom I totally want to call ‘Stashton after this)! As with any first birthday party, we urge you to celebrate in a way that you love.

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