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My favorite Wonder Woman pics & picks for your baby New 2020

My favorite Wonder Woman pics & picks for your baby

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I could probably spend hours looking on instagram for #wonderbaby and #wonderwomanbaby posts to see your cute littles dressed like Wonder Woman. They are so freaking adorable, I can barely handle the fearless warrior babies!

When I searched for the best fun products to make my own Wonder Woman baby, I was most impressed by the brand Bumkins for going all out with fabulous and well-made items that will last long after the Wonder Woman movie is out of the theaters.

My favorite product picks for aspiring Wonder babies are easily the bibs, teether, and onesies. They are functional and adorable — I mean fierce! I also may need a pair of baby socks with capes (but $9 for one pair of socks? Come on!). I also LOVE these reusable swim diapers.

Gap has a line of Wonder Woman items for babies, and the bathing suit is pretty much everything.

The closest thing I could find to Desiree’s baby’s snapsuit is missing the lasso but still pretty terrific — and is much closer to baby Olivia below. Behold even more Amazonian cuteness…

Wonder Woman baby gear

Wonder Woman baby gear I love

Because Diana Prince is the Amazon princess, it makes sense that I found most of these favorite items on Amazon. Right? Here you go quick links to the teether, bibs, board book, wet bag (also the wet/dry bag that I just bought for $8!), divided plate, swim diapers, and caped onesie. Honorable mention: cloth diaper cover with removable cape!

I’m almost done! These gorgeous baby Wonder Woman costumes with tutus are so fun. I would either just add a blue tutu to my Wonder Woman pajamas or find similar items on etsy.

Search etsy for “crochet+wonder+woman+newborn” for adorable but impractical options like these wonderbabies (below) are wearing in France.

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