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My very strong opinions about nursing tanks New 2020

My very strong opinions about nursing tanks

My friend, Val, a mom of three, told me that she’s no longer self-conscious about baring her upper chest while breastfeeding as long as nobody sees her gut. Alrightie then. Armed with this inspiring perspective, I got more serious about chasing down nursing tops than ever before. If you don’t love your postpartum belly — and who does? — then a nursing tank, tee, or singlet may be the easiest solution to public modesty.

I want to thank the universe, my friend Ann, boob, Yummie, and Bravado for providing me the nursing tops I tested.

And now let me present my very strong opinions:

Cleverest: Boob tee.

Shana from The Mom Edit turned me on to the boob designs nursing tee shirt with her post about four perfect postpartum pooch hiding outfits (inspired by my very own dilemma). Brilliant! It’s quite comfortable and allows me to wear a real bra. I bought plain white but it comes in many colors now; I especially like it when the telltale line is hidden by a sweater or vest. Unfortunately, the two halves of the top do not lay flat (as pictured) after a spin through my washer and dryer. Available in many colors. Retails for about $62. Also comes in long-sleeve stripes (for $79, yow, but so cute!).

Nursing t shirt by boob looks good

Best for the bazongas: Bravado.

If you want your breasts to look their best (AKA, no uniboob), then Bravado! seems to have the most respect for your chest. Sizing is a more complicated than the other models, but the “real bra” attention to detail shows. The essential nursing tank also works for pregnant chicks so YAY for versatility but BOO for making me look chubbier than I think I am. Finally, I found that the clasp requires me to use 1.5 hands to open and close. It comes in many colors. Retails for about $55 — comes in many fun colors.

Bravado! Designs Essential Nursing Bra Tank & other great choices to hide your pooch while you breastfeed

Most discreet: Glamourmom.

Don’t want to show the pooch or much boobage? Then Glamourmom is the one for you. Additional fabric covers you for the least exposure leaving a tiny opening for baby. Other styles have extra length or closures that don’t scream “nursing bra!” which is also nice. Comes in basic black and some patterns. I like the stripes. The basic nursing tank retails for about $36 whereas the long is almost double that.

Best for squeezing the baby fat: Yummie.

Of the models I tried, I liked the Yummie nursing tank for smoothing and “slimming” the floppy post-partum belly pudge. Unfortunately, it is guilty of causing a uniboob so you have to prioritize boobs or belly (I can’t believe I’m writing this but, for me, it depends on where I’m going). Available in black and white. Retails for about $80.

Yummie nursing tanks will slim out your post-baby pudge while giving you a uniboob


And the winner is… balancing price and features, I would buy the Bravado Essential nursing bra tank for best support and longest shelf-life if I were only going to buy one.

Now that I got all that off my chest, I really want to know: What do you think about nursing tanks and tees?


Disclosure: I was sent products for testing and review in addition to ones that I received as hand-me-downs and gifts. All opinions are my own.

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