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Now it’s easy to take 365 pictures in a year New 2020

Do Project 365

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I’ve been wanting to do the Project 365 (take a photo a day for a year) thing since 2006 and I did it! And then some. Now I just gotta get all those pictures together and wallpaper my office or make a book. I used the app Project 365 to remind me to take and tag a photo each day. Here are the last two months:

Do Project 365


Okay, am I the only one that finds it weird that Friday was Selfie day? Now I can always remember the fond memories of lice Friday, hard run Friday, haircut Friday, and “shit, it’s bedtime and I forgot to take a picture” Friday.

Do Project 365

Not only does my app save the files in the same place and make a sweet grid, it reminds me every evening at 9:09pm that it’s time to add a new picture.

Do Project 365

Have you or would you like to take on this challenge?


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