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Nursery ideas: How to style cheap shelving and make it look awesome New 2020

Affordable toy storage solution: See sources in post

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Toy storage solution from affordable products

I recently made a great kids’ storage setup using an Ikea Kallax shelf and some sturdy, stylish 3 Sprouts storage boxes. I love the way it looks, and it holds tons of toys and books out of sight. We keep a bunch of books in the bottom two containers, and even a 3-year-old can slide them out and pick out which books he wants – but they are out of sight, a nice change from my formerly messy bookshelf situation.

Affordable toy storage system: Click to get sources

The 3 Sprouts boxes are the exact right size to fit in the Kallax slots – 13 x 13 inches. The Kallax shelves are really flexible for your decor, as come in a bunch of different sizes, colors, and configurations, and can be set up horizontally or vertically, freestanding on the floor or mounted on the wall.

How to style Kallax shelves for your nursery

I chose a 2 x 2 Kallax unit that only set me back $34.99 (although oddly, some of the colors cost $49.99.) The 4 x 4 unit pictured in birch above is $149.99 and stands about 5 feet tall. You could place bins on top as well.

The storage cubes I got were $16.99 on Amazon – they have sheep and peacock on Amazon, plus some combos for sale, like peacock and rhino (love that rhino! so cute!) and gorilla, kangaroo, and rabbit. You can find a whole bunch more animals on the 3 Sprouts website.

Affordable toy storage solution: See sources in post

Whitney and I recently attended the ABC Kids Show, where we saw a bunch of cool new products we loved. While we were there, I noticed that Skip Hop has bins of roughly the same size and shape as the 3 Sprout bins, but with different designs – like monkey, ladybug, and owl.

Toy storage solution from affordable products: Skip Hop Monkey Bin

The Skip Hop bins are 12.8 x 12.8 inches, which should also work great, but they are a little more expensive. Most of the Skip Hop bins have red accents – I think they would look great with the red Kallax units. I believe Skip Hop is coming out with other designs in the Spring of 2016.

I love this idea because I know that once we outgrow the designs on the storage bins, we can continue to use the shelving unit on its own or with other bins.

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