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Oh Boy! A baby shower for Heather New 2020

Oh Boy! A baby shower for Heather

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Some friends and I hosted a very casual 3rd baby shower for Heather last weekend.

The theme was eco-geeky which was meant to encourage guests to bring gifts of their gently used gear, but apparently no one really felt comfortable with that but me. Here are some photos with my tips sprinkled in.

My current formula for a party includes making little printed details. I learned it from crafty bloggers on the Internetz.

Of course, it’s not a party without a little:

And a banner.

This was a co-ed family-friendly shower, and five of the guests were children. To keep them busy, I offered up this marble track, an awesome toy for big boys like our rookie babies who are now going into first grade. Eventually they escaped to the playroom and did god-knows-what for the duration of the party.

Just like at Heather’s first baby shower, I forced a crafty activity upon her friends. I hung a clothesline’s worth of blank onesies outside and provided stencils and fabric paint.

I have learned not to force people to be creative. They like the safety of the stencils, and the results are usually better as well. (More about decorating onesies here, like exactly what to do.) Overachievers can use hole punches and scissors to create their own stencils from freezer paper.

There were gifts.

Heather’s current youngest helps out. Where ever did he get that hair? Hmm?

Hecka cute (organic!) outfit from little seed.

Last but not least, we offered a DIY burrito bar, plus cupcakes. I ordered the burrito fixings from a local taqueria and made fruit salad and crudite for side dishes. Easy as third-time childbirth pie.

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