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Oops! Perfectly imperfect without even trying New 2020

Oops! Perfectly imperfect without even trying

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I’m writing this from a cafe while my middle son is at a birthday party at a bowling alley less than a block away. He thinks I’m in the bathroom — though the hosts know the truth — because he told me I couldn’t leave him alone there. Gosh, I wonder when he’ll start worrying about my health.

I wanted to write to you sharing my views on how correcting our mistakes is better than being right all the time. It’s completely okay to try new things and mess them up.

Good thing that screwing up is part of the message because in my self-effacing, honest video (below), I totally misquoted Yoda. Who does that? I was later informed by my children that the saying was from a Captain Underpants book. Oops again.

I hereby formally apologize to George Lucas (and franchise including Disney) as well as the beloved Dav Pilkey.

How do you model fixing mistakes for your own kids? Is it even on purpose?

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