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Our Favorite Magnetic Blocks- The BEST New Blocks For Kids New 2020

The one toy all my kids will play with, Magnetic Blocks

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These magnetic blocks are amazing!! We purchased them for Olivia this past Christmas and they have quickly become everyone in the family’s favorite new activity to play with her. So, what makes these magnetic blocks so incredible?

Well, you can build awesome castles, they are educational, they help build fine motor skills, the colors are vibrant, and there are limitless possibilities to what you can create with them.


Magnetic Blocks Perfect for Toddlers.

I am always looking for products that my kids will actually play with for more than like 2 minutes because after raising five kids I have learned that finding toys that kids will play with and love for years is tough to come by.

However, these magnetic blocks are a total winner! Liv has been playing with them daily since she received them as a gift on Christmas. And, her older siblings who are 10, 11, 13, and 15 all seriously get caught playing with them too. Why? Check out my reasons below!

Magnetic Blocks Perfect for Toddlers.

Easy to Use

These magnetic blocks are incredibly easy to use. The extra powerful magnets allow children to easily snap blocks together to create all sorts of designs and structures. Just stack them on top of each other or next to each other and the magnets do the work by quickly snapping together.

This eases the frustration caused by children who have trouble manipulating other types of blocks and allows for more creative play. Liv can build her own castles, houses, towers, or even art designs. The fact that all of the pieces work with each other is great too!

Magnetic Blocks Perfect for Toddlers.


As I mentioned these blocks can be used in several different ways.

1- Kids can use them as blocks and snap them together to make neat 3D structures and buildings. Or…

2- They can use the magnetic blocks to create cool patterns and art projects too. Check out that fun butterfly below.

3- And, with the Clickin’s the magnetic blocks turn into a tool to help kids learn their letters and numbers too!



Not only are magnetic blocks great for entertaining toddlers but they are also educational too. Engineering toys stimulate problem-solving, help build motor skills & shape/ number/ letter recognition. Making magnetic blocks perfect for Preschool Games & Group Activities

Magnetic Blocks Perfect for Toddlers.

Check out these other cool magnetic play ideas here.


These magnetic blocks came highly recommended to me from two other amazing moms and I would absolutely recommend them to you as well. They are not the cheapest toy that you will buy but they are made with great quality so they can be easily passed down or resold and they are one of the few toys your child will happily play with for a long time.

Where to find Magnetic Blocks

We ordered our magnetic blocks on Amazon and we love them. There are several options available, as you can see below, but the one we purchased was the Playmags 100-piece Set.


Have you tried Magnetic Blocks with your kids yet?

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Check out these magnetic blocks for kids. The magnetic blocks will keep your kids entertained for hours.

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